Smile Surfers Pediatric Dentistry in Sumner, WA

Hygiene & Exams

At Smile Surfers, we place a big emphasis on preventive care, even if your little surfer is the best at brushing and flossing.


Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help protect teeth from decay. It can also reverse early signs of tooth decay!

Preventative Care

At Smile Surfers, we provide preventive care and education to avoid oral health problems for your children.

Emergency Dentistry

If your child is experiencing a dental emergency, call us as soon as possible. We’re only a phone call away!

Sedation Dentistry

Here at Smile Surfers, we strive to make your little surfer’s dental visits a walk on the beach!

Your kiddos are sure to enjoy Washington's top dental practice!

Pediatric dentistry has a strong emphasis on prevention. We strive to prevent oral health issues in children before they occur! In order for your child to grow up fit and strong, we must thoroughly care for their teeth and gums. Furthermore, preventing issues is much simpler and affordable than addressing with them after they have emerged. So let’s come together to maintain your little surfer’s beaming smile! Here’s what we do to accomplish this in our office: 

We Create A Fun Environment

Nothing is more important to us than seeing your little surfer smile! Our pediatric dentists are wonderful with children, getting down at their level and taking the time to address their concerns. Our dental team makes sure that your child’s visits are always fun and entertaining by mixing their dental exams and education with fun songs and silly games!

The Smile Surfers Team is Here for You

Every child is unique. In turn, we develop personalized treatment plans, take our time with your child’s level of dental treatment, and work with you to ensure your little surfers receive high-quality treatment.

We Use an Educational and Preventive Approach

Setting an example and having open communication will set your child up for success. Our dental team will educate you and your child on the importance of oral health and provide tips to prevent small issues from becoming bigger, painful problems.

Simplifying Dental Terms

Dental verbiage may be challenging to understand sometimes, especially for children. We realize that, which is why we boil everything down into simple, child-friendly vocabulary. We want your little surfer to be relaxed in sync throughout their checkup. This also allows them to gain the most out of their visit and continue to follow proper oral hygiene at home!

Complete Well-Being

We all know that excellent health and amazing dental well-being are correlated with each other. That’s why we try to guide your young surfer to make wise food selections, keep exercise in mind, maintain a tidy environment, and always sleep for at least eight hours! This will lay the groundwork for a future of smart, sound decisions.