Preventative Care

The Beginning of a Successful Dental Journey

Preventative Care and Education

A Future Full of Bright Smiles Starts Right Now!

Dental problems are much easier and more affordable to avoid than to cure. Smile Surfers specializes in providing preventive care and education for your kiddos in order to keep them from developing any oral health issues.
We’re leading your little surfers in the proper course throughout their dental journey by providing them with plenty of information and encouragement. This is important both for their oral health and their general well-being.

We provide interesting, educational training and assistance in topics like:

  • Recommendations for a well-balanced and sensible diet
  • Teaching your kiddos about the relationship between dental and overall health
  • Promote excellent exercise, sleep, and dietary patterns, among other things
  • Empowering your child to make intelligent choices, ensuring a healthy and fulfilling life

We strive to empower you and your little surfers to practice healthy habits in order to keep those strong muscles and lovely smiles shining bright for the rest of your lives!

Fighting Off the Sugar Monster

Knowing the negative impacts of having too much sugar will help your kiddos make educated choices!

Sometimes things just seem like such a natural combination, like grilled cheese and tomato soup or…kids and sugar!
However, sugar fuels the type of bacteria that causes tooth decay, making dentists extra careful when dealing with sweet treats and sugary drinks. New evidence suggests that the detrimental effects of sugar go beyond oral health. It has an effect on one’s total wellbeing too. In both children and adults, high sugar intake has been associated with the onset of significant health issues!
We can address the issue of sugar’s negative effects on a person’s oral health if we confront the broader problem of diets that are high in sugar. The sooner we start having effective conversations about how to have a good relationship with sugar, our precautionary measures will be that much more powerful.

For extra information on the impact of consuming large amounts of sugar, watch this short video:

Healthy Options

Want More Info About Preventative Care?

That's what we love to hear! See if our FAQ's below take care of your question.

What are dental sealants?

While brushing and flossing can get rid of some of the food and plaque on your little surfer’s teeth, brushing the molars completely (those shy teeth hidden in the very back) is more difficult.
About 90% of all cavities occur in the rear teeth. A dental sealant is a translucent polymer that is administered onto a tooth to “keep out” tough pieces of food and plaque that can weaken your child’s teeth. Dental sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of cavities by 80%.
When your little surfer’s permanent teeth come up, it’s a great time to apply sealants! Between the ages of six to fourteen, sealants can ensure that your child’s teeth are protected from pesky cavities. They’re also frequently covered by insurance, so please ask us about sealants during your next trip to Smile Surfers!

Does my child need fluoride treatments?

Fluoride is a mineral that helps boost your child’s enamel and minimize cavities. It can also lessen the tooth’s vulnerability to the acid created by plaque and bacteria, lowering the chance of tooth decay.
Children under the age of 16 should receive fluoride treatments, especially if they live in an area where the public water supply has not been supplemented with fluoride. 

How can I make sure my child never experiences tooth decay?

Together with preventive healthcare services, the absolute best and most essential thing that you can do for your little surfer is to encourage him or her to regularly keep up with healthy hygiene habits.
By taking your little surfer in to see their dental team and scheduling consistent appointments once their first tooth pops up, this allows us to contribute to informing your little surfer about correct and effective oral hygiene. We make it fun and intriguing for the kids, while encouraging good behavior with small incentives.
We appreciate it when parents keep this advice going with their kids at home! We’d be delighted to provide you with recommendations, resources, and guidance on how to constructively motivate your children to maintain healthy dental behaviors.

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