Emergency Dentistry

Need Urgent Dental Care?

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Oh no! I Need a Pediatric Dentist ASAP!

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Please give us a call right away if your child is experiencing any of the following:

  • Knocked-out permanent tooth
  • Chipped, fractured, or broken tooth
  • Toothache pain or pressure
  • Dental abscess
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Lost or loose filling

We’ll make every attempt to start treating your child immediately and/or carefully assist you through what you should do next.

Keep Your Cool in a Dental Emergency!

It can be scary, but use these tips to help you make smart, educated choices in this situation!

Knocked-Out Tooth

It is not uncommon for a child’s tooth to be knocked out. This usually has little impact on your child’s overall health and isn’t a reason for alarm. Please contact us during normal office hours if this occurs.
Please come see us as quickly as you can if a permanent tooth is knocked out!
If you are able to pinpoint and save the tooth, proceed as follows:
  • Hold it by the crown, not the root
  • Rinse the tooth with water, but do not clean with soap
  • If the tooth is not cracked or damaged, try to put it back in the original socket and have your child hold it in place by biting on gauze
  • If you cannot put the tooth back in its socket, put it in a cup containing your child’s saliva or milk

Chips and Fractures

If your kiddo has chipped or fractured their tooth, consult our pediatric dentists in the Tri-Cities or Sumner immediately.
It’s a good idea to thoroughly rinse your child’s mouth with water. Keep any shattered fragments of the tooth and take them along with you to the dentist. If you delay, the tooth may get infected, prompting more extensive dental care.


If your little surfer has a sore, uncomfortable tooth, we recommend the following:

  • Gently clean the site of the pain.
  • Clear out any food that has been stuck in or around the teeth using floss.
  • Allow them to swirl warm water or warm saltwater around in their mouth.
  • Avoid exposing the gum or tooth to heat.
  • Avoid exposing the gum or tooth to heat.

Please find and reach out to your local Smile Surfers office for additional treatment options if your child’s discomfort persists for more than a full day.


Kids enjoy jumping and running, and they can sometimes have little mishaps that result in a bitten tongue, lip, cheek, or cut in the mouth. In this case, use a clean towel or gauze to apply firm but mild pressure to stop the bleeding. Apply ice to the affected region to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
If the bleeding persists, you should seek medical attention by going to your local urgent care facility or emergency center.

We'll Solve Any Dental Emergency!

We've got a team of expertly trained pediatric dentists, so your kids are in great hands.

Same-Day Care

Dental crises do not occur on schedule. We understand, and we’ll do all we can to get your little surfer treated as quickly as possible, including any tests and procedures that may be necessary.

After-Hours Help

For after-hours support, call 509-581-4455. You’ll hear a sequence of automated instructions that will assist you through the following stages until we can handle the situation in person.

Relieve Discomfort and Pain

We’ll look after your little surfers until they feel better. We provide anesthetic and sedative choices, as well as a variety of calming treatments, if a procedure is necessary.


At all Smile Surfers locations, appointments are offered before and after school. We also provide dental insurance coverage and a range of customizable financing alternatives.

Kid-Friendly Office

The memories and perception that your child has of going to the dentist are incredibly essential in terms of overcoming anxiety and establishing good dental habits. This is especially important if your child is in pain or has an emergency dental crisis.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive treatment is a priority for our “Surf Instructors.” Why? We hope that by offering useful knowledge and tools, we will be able to educate your little surfer on how to prevent any dental issues in the future.

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Still Curious About Dental Emergencies?

Check out this list of FAQs to find out more!

How can Smile Surfers help in a dental emergency?

Our pediatric dentists are expertly trained in all of these procedures:

  • Treatment for tooth pain or pressure
  • Treatment for knocked-out teeth
  • Emergency extractions
  • Emergency repair of chipped, fractured, or broken teeth
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Baby root canals

Can I visit the ER for a dental issue?

If the situation is life-threatening, such as persistent bleeding or a broken jaw, dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you speak with one of our pediatric dentists.
Because most hospitals do not have dentists on-site, the only treatment options are targeted towards pain and infections. In order to actually address the dental condition and avoid any more complications or problems, your child would need to visit a pediatric dentist.
When compared to visiting a pediatric dentist, ER visits for dental emergencies might be more pricey, take longer, and prolong the problem.

Is it possible to come in without an appointment?

If you have the opportunity, please reach out via phone before coming to see us!

How much will a dental emergency cost?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, because the procedures and/or services that are required will influence the cost of your child’s visit.
However, Smile Surfers Kids Dentistry is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective dental treatment to children in need. As a result, we deal with a number of financing options, including:


  • Most dental insurance plans
  • Cash and major credit cards
  • Financing through CareCredit

Will the treatments worsen the pain?

Pediatric emergency dentistry isn’t meant to make your child’s pain worse; rather, it’s meant to make them feel better.
Our board-certified pediatric dentists and staff have worked hard to earn your trust by staying current on pain relief techniques for children. We go to considerable lengths to ensure that your child feels safe and secure while in our care.

How can I prevent a dental emergency?

Good news! The majority of dental issues may be avoided by the avoidance of harmful activities and proper oral hygiene, such as:

  1. Brushing teeth twice per day
  2. Getting a new toothbrush every three months
  3. Using floss on your teeth at least once a day
  4. Contacting a dentist as quickly as possible after noticing that something’s wrong
  5. Maintaining routine dental care by scheduling regular visits
  6. Following and finishing dental treatments as advised
  7. Wearing a mouth-guard if you’re an athlete
  8. Using your teeth only for their true purpose, not opening packages!
  9. Avoiding chewing on tough items, like ice or pencils
  10. Eating a balanced diet full of nutrients and avoid having too much sugar
  11. Drinking lots of water every day

Dental Emergency? Don't Panic!

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